Vinyl Fencing Branford

Vinyl Fencing Branford

Vinyl is a synthetic material that’s sold as plastic resin. It’s made by combining two natural substances, chlorine and ethylene, to form PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). According to experts, vinyl is almost 5 times sturdier than wood. The material is also incredibly flexible, preventing it from chalking, fading, melting, cracking, or chipping even in harsh weather conditions. At Lion’s Creek Fencing & Masonry, we install vinyl fencing in Branford because it’s durable and lasts a lifetime. As a premier fence installation company, we provide second to none installation services that will leave you completely satisfied and happy.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl has plenty of advantages over iron, wood, and wholesale chain link, including:


Vinyl is impressively flexible. It comes in attractive designs that can be made to resemble a white picket fence, stone, wood, among other impressive shapes. This accentuates the exterior of your property and adds curb appeal.


Made with 10 parts per 100 of titanium oxide, a highly effective ultraviolet inhibitor, vinyl will not yellow when exposed to the sun. The material is also 5 times stronger than wood, meaning it can withstand rough weather.

Easy to Install

Compared to installing a wooden, aluminum, or wholesale chain fence, assembling a vinyl fence is pretty easy. The first step is to dig post-holes, then secure the posts in the holes using concrete. Next, rails are placed in the fence and finally pickets.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl needs little to no maintenance. You won’t have to apply chemicals to keep pests away or paint it to ensure it’s adequately protected. The posts also don’t rot like wood or rust like chain link or wrought iron posts. With soap and running water, you can easily get rid of accumulating dust, dirt, and moss. What’s more, you’ll not have to stain your fence when watering your lawn.


Because vinyl fencing is pest and water-resistant, it's not treated with paint or toxic chemicals prior to or after installation. Additionally, vinyl is recyclable. As such, you'll not have to put the scraps in a landfill in case you decide to replace it.


Vinyl panels can extend up to a height of 8 feet. You also have an array of options for spacing between slats, ensuring the fence offers the privacy you require.

Long Warranty

Vinyl is not susceptible to pest, rot, or rust damage. The material is flexible, strong, super durable, and comes with a long warranty. For this reason, most vinyl fence companies in Middlefield offer lifetime warranties for their installation. With such extensive warranties, you can enjoy your vinyl fence for life.

Best in Class Vinyl Fence Installers

Want security and privacy on your property? Search no further than our expert chain link fence installers at Lion’s Creek Fencing & Masonry. With years of experience offering clients a wide range of fences, you can be certain we're capable of handling all kinds of jobs. Whatever fence you want, whether it's wood, chain link, or vinyl fencing in Branford, we'll implement a solution that best meets your needs. Call us for a free quotation203-500-9016.

Vinyl Fencing Branford
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Vinyl Fencing Branford
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