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Patios, Retaining Walls, & Driveways

Creating an outdoor patio or entertainment space has become a must for so many homeowners looking to fully enjoy the outdoors. Our step by step process from our initial consultation, to the custom design, and the finished product, is unmatched. By utilizing the highest graded material possible, and an installation process we have perfected over years, we can guarantee all of our patios with a 5 year warranty. Whether this is for a brand new paver patio for your backyard or around your pool, a classic blue stone patio or the rustic natural stone design, we have you covered.

The key to our superior product all begins with our prep work. The base of any structure is the most important step, and patios are no exception. All of our bases are created from what is called a “permeable base.” After excavation to minimum depth of 10” the area is tightly compacted with a compacter and Geo textile fabric is laid over the entire area. This fabric gives immense strength and water-filtering abilities to the base of the patio.

Next, we use 7” of ¾ clean stone compacted in 2-inch lifts. Then, we added a 1/8-1/4 chipped stone bedding course and the pavers are laid, cut to the designated design, and then mortared in place.

The final step involves the application of polymeric sand or the sand between the joints. This gets swept in between the joints, then the patio is the compacted 2 times with a vibratory compactor to ensure the sand has reached all depth and no air pockets are left. The area is then wet down with water activating the polymeric sand, and the patio or walkway is ready to use!

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