Soake Pools

Preferred Plunge Pool Contractor in CT

Soake Pools are plunge pools with big benefits.

Lions Creek has partnered with one of our favorite brands in CT, the very popular Soake Pools. These plunge pools save space and combine the most attractive features of pools and hot tubs in one design-friendly package.

Our customers in CT have enjoyed these beautiful and well-designed pools so much that we chose to partner with Soake to offer these great pools for all our outdoor construction projects.

Plunge Pool Design Options

Here are a few examples of options for pool steps and benches. Not pictured are choices for covers and over 50 tile designs to choose from. Lions Creek designers will discuss all the options with you during the design phase for your project in CT.


Choose your interior step/bench design from two elegant options.


Contact us for a full selection of over fifty tile choices.


Choose an attractive, lockable cover that meets your requirements.

4 Space-Saving Pool Designs

Full Plunge

13’x7′ (ID)

13’x10” x 7’10” (OD)

5’1” Depth (Int)

Medium Plunge

10’x6′ (ID)

11’x7′ (OD)

4’11” Depth (Int)

Petite Plunge

8’9”x5′ (ID)

9’9”x6′ (OD)

5′ Depth (Int)

Square Plunge

7’x7′ (ID)

7’8″x7’8″ (OD)

4’4” Depth (Int)